Extraordinary clothing with an attitude and sparkling, dazzling jewelry. That’s the eye-treat visitors can expect when they enter the brand new showroom on Main street.

The spectacular, high-end contemporary designs with a classy touch of rock’n’roll, have found the perfect home in the luxurious interior.

When designers Ken and Anette decided to expand their successful business outside of Sweden, they did extensive location research, but Las Vegas was the obvious choice to start.

Vegas is already the capital of glitter, glitz and decadence, and the undisputed center of entertainment. A match made in heaven.

The creative couple have a solid experience of rock’n’roll celebrity clothing and jewelry design with quite a list of clients worldwide.

They are no strangers to creating custom made outfits to fulfill their clients’ wildest dreams.

With their bold and glamourous creations, Svanlund Design will make an exciting addition to the new Main street in Las Vegas.